Feb 21 2008

More Meaty Music, Please

Many churches are now adding or completely changing over to “contemporary” worship services. These shows, which resemble multimedia rock concerts, have become part of the “music wars” going on both in the Lord’s church and the religious world at large.

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May 23 2004

Why We May Have Already Won the Music Wars

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The CCM Bandwagon

Conservatism, by definition, is slow to change. In fact, conservatives are downright stick-in-the-muds when it comes to certain core beliefs and, in my view, rightly so. Liberals, on the other hand, tend to value change as the summum bonum—the Supreme Good. The change they seek rarely comes from a fresh, critical analysis of where the religious world might be going wrong with respect to God’s word. Instead, it’s all about keeping up with the Pastor Joneses. The latest fad down the road becomes the Next Big Thing, with the Community Church movement being but the latest example.

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