Jan 5 2009

Doubting Thomas

In my favorite version of The King and I (the one with the shiny-headed Yul Brynner), the courtly children respond in disbelief to the very idea of frozen precipitation. The blustery king is disappointed. He has seen a picture of the Swiss Alps; of course there is such a thing as snow! Anna, the British teacher, is a little more forgiving. The children live in tropical Bangkok; they’ve never seen snow for themselves. “Never seen!” the king retorts, “If they believe only what they see, why do they have schoolroom?”
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Sep 9 2003

Locked into Locke?

Critics allege that the traditional, “mainstream” Church of Christ relies too heavily on a system of interpretation inspired by John Locke (1632-1704). This love of the great English thinker goes all the way back to Thomas and Alexander Campbell and the early days of the Restoration Movement. Although contemporary Christians may not be aware of these philosophical underpinnings, the Campbells’ enthusiasm for Locke is supposed to have had both a profound and negative effect on how we interpret Scripture today.
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