May 5 2008

At the Cross: Redemption

“To redeem” is to exchange or buy back. Here’s an illustration: When we go to the grocery store with shopping coupons in hand, we can exchange a little piece of paper for a discount off the item we are buying. Likewise, in the Gospel plan of salvation, redemption represents Christ’s exchanging His life for ours.

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May 30 2007

Building on a Solid Rock (Matthew 7:24-27)

So many people in the world today lack what we might call a coherent worldview. A worldview is like a house in which every brick forms a part of who we are and how we relate to others. For this house to remain viable, our beliefs about humanity must hold together with our beliefs about God, which must hold together with our beliefs about morality, and so on. However, this house will weaken and crumble if its foundation is incapable of supporting a life burdened by sin.

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Mar 8 2007

Tomb "Documentary" Buries the Truth

Pastel-colored decorations are on sale at the local mega store. Burger joints are promoting strange fish concoctions. What can this possibly mean? Well, yes, we’ll soon be enjoying cream-filled Easter eggs, but it also means some TV channel will run yet another “documentary” trashing the central tenet of Christian faith. Isn’t it funny how we never see a show criticizing the Qur’an during the “holy” month of Ramadan? Hmmm…
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May 6 2005

Immanuel: Judge Among Us

In a wonderfully uplifting passage, Matthew heralds the good news of Jesus’ birth (1:18-25). He is the Son of God, born of a virgin, and conceived by the Holy Spirit.

This was an important teaching to stress in the early church. Many religious people in those days believed that God would anoint a special leader—a messiah—who would save the Jews from Roman oppression, but they missed two vital points. First, God had always intended that this leader would free them, not from political bandage to some earthly power, but from spiritual bondage to sin (Luke 24:21-27). And second, this Person would be greater than any military or political leader. He would, in fact, be fully God and fully man (John 1:14; Philippians 2:7-8).

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Feb 25 2004

Should You See the Passion

By now most of you have probably heard about Mel Gibson’s new movie, The Passion of the Christ. The media have been giving it a lot of attention, labeling it “controversial” and citing claims by Jewish groups that the movie is anti-Semitic. Local news stations have mentioned churches renting out whole theatres so that their members can attend private screenings. Movie reviewers have warned about the blood and gore.
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