Mar 19 2009

Going Galt

A left-ward shift in American politics is triggering an intense reaction among libertarians and laissez faire capitalists. One sign of the growing foment is a renewed interest in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (1957). In late February, the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights was reporting record sales. Protestors were holding up signs proclaiming “Atlas Will Shrug.” Business owners and others were threatening to “go Galt” – a reference to the novel’s enigmatic John Galt. Like the Ayn Rand character, people are starting to dial back their production to teach the government a lesson about the value of entrepreneurship and innovation.[1]

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Nov 1 2007

Is God a Capitalist?

[tab:Faith in the Free Markets]

Faith in the Free Markets

The Soviet Union ceased to exist at 12:00pm on December 21st, 1991. As President Reagan might have put it, the Evil Empire had fallen. It is very tempting, especially from a Western perspective, to see God’s providence at work in this stunning series of events. Nations in the former Eastern bloc, as well as Russia itself, moved quickly to adopt freer markets. Capitalism won; communism lost. Does this mean that God loves capitalism and hates communism?

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