Sep 27 2009

Atheists and Christmas

Stephen Colbert is somewhat of a phenomenon in the entertainment world. He has his own show on the Comedy Channel called The Colbert Report (pronounced “kol-bare re-pore” – get it?). The lack of cable TV in my house, together with my fear of texting while driving, demonstrate that I am neither hip enough nor young enough to be counted among the legion of loyal Colbert fans. There is that, and the fact that the show crosses the line at times.

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Dec 7 2001

Following Yonder Star

“We three kings of Orient are…” Or were they? Now I hate to be a Grinch, but like a lot of our traditions, this song mixes fact with fiction. For a start, the three “kings” weren’t kings. And really, we don’t even know if there were three of them! At the same time, we can count on newspapers running the standard holiday story about some astronomer who’s identified the so-called “Star of Bethlehem” as a comet, supernova, alignment of the planets, or whatever fanciful theory is popular this year. But none of these natural explanations fits the Bible’s description of what really happened. Let’s see if we can sort some of this out. For background information, I recommend that you read the second chapter of Matthew.

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