Aug 27 2010

Pick a Number, Any Number

[tab:A Date for Life]

A Date for Life

Radiocarbon is by far the most common dating method in use today. Carbon-14 has a half-life of “only” 5,730 years, which lends itself to dating relatively recent material – the sort of material that might be uncovered by an archaeologist, for instance.

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Mar 8 2007

Tomb "Documentary" Buries the Truth

Pastel-colored decorations are on sale at the local mega store. Burger joints are promoting strange fish concoctions. What can this possibly mean? Well, yes, we’ll soon be enjoying cream-filled Easter eggs, but it also means some TV channel will run yet another “documentary” trashing the central tenet of Christian faith. Isn’t it funny how we never see a show criticizing the Qur’an during the “holy” month of Ramadan? Hmmm…
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