A Note from Chris

We have a wonderful opportunity to help strengthen and grow the Lords’ body in New Zealand. I am very excited and humbled, with God’s help, to work in some small way toward a stronger church in this country.

We both grew up in New Zealand, and I think we are uniquely placed to work with, and relate to, the locals. New Zealanders (known affectionately as Kiwis) have a different mind set than Americans. It can take time to learn these differences, gain their trust, and be as effective as possible. Although we have been gone for many years, Trevor and I understand this Kiwi attitude and are aware of the fact that we will be working in a New Zealand context. We loved our time in the States, and we love our two American boys, but we don’t want culture to get in the way of the Gospel. I pray that the brethren and contacts we make in South Auckland will accept us as a Kiwi couple trying their hardest to share the truth of God’s word, and nothing more.

A little background about myself: I have taught Bible classes from nursery through 4th grade for the last 25+ years, and it really is my passion. I have brought my learning centers and other teaching materials with me to New Zealand so that I can start sharing God’s word with the younger members of the congregation. Give me enough time, though, and I can turn almost any object or recyclable into a teaching aid!

New Zealand is a very secular country, and yet they still allow “religious instruction” in some of their primary schools. I hope and pray I will be able, in time, to reach out to the local kids through that program.

Although I prefer to teach children, I am very involved in teaching Bible to ladies’ classes in small devotional contexts.

As a citizen of New Zealand, I am able to gain full- or part-time employment in the workplace, but hope that our budget will allow me to support Trevor in his work, reach out to ladies within the congregation, and volunteer in the local community where possible. This is a good way to make contacts and establish credibility. The old proverb, “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do,” holds forth in New Zealand as much as anywhere else. If people in the community can come to know me as someone who is willing to work with and help others, they may be open to hearing the Gospel as well.

I pray that you will consider helping us with this work in New Zealand. Together we can strengthen and grow the Lords’ church.

In Him, Chris Major