Feb 21 2008

More Meaty Music, Please

Many churches are now adding or completely changing over to “contemporary” worship services. These shows, which resemble multimedia rock concerts, have become part of the “music wars” going on both in the Lord’s church and the religious world at large.

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Dec 10 2007

God in the Movies

It is rare for me to comment on movies I have never seen. It is rarer still for me to mention a movie, and then warn readers away, otherwise I’d be writing negative articles all day long. After all, Hollywood insists on churning out a product that is either unsuitable for Christian eyes and ears, or simply not worth our entertainment dollars. Rare exceptions in the last few years have included silver-screen adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. Tolkien and Lewis standout because of their profound commitment to a theistic world view (although not to New Testament Christianity as such). Continue reading

Mar 8 2007

Tomb "Documentary" Buries the Truth

Pastel-colored decorations are on sale at the local mega store. Burger joints are promoting strange fish concoctions. What can this possibly mean? Well, yes, we’ll soon be enjoying cream-filled Easter eggs, but it also means some TV channel will run yet another “documentary” trashing the central tenet of Christian faith. Isn’t it funny how we never see a show criticizing the Qur’an during the “holy” month of Ramadan? Hmmm…
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Nov 1 2006

Gambling, Smoking, and Stem Cells

Last Sunday night I was overly cautious in saying that a church could not recommend voting one way or another on ballot issues. Actually, according to a Fact Sheet published by the IRS, “501(c)(3) organizations may take positions on public policy issues, including issues that divide candidates in an election for public office.”{1} If a congregation wants to hang on to its non-profit status, it must stay away from opposing or promoting any particular candidate. The church, however, can still talk about important issues. So I would like to be more specific about the items I mentioned on Sunday, and add a third issue that seems to crop up every voting season.

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Jan 13 2006

Mr. Darwin Comes to Ohio, Again

The issue of origins is in the news once again. No matter what side you’re on, it goes to the very heart of what we are as human beings, and what we believe is ultimately real. Many Americans have a take-it-or-leave-it approach to prayer, but an overwhelming majority of Americans (around ninety percent) believe in a higher being of some kind.
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