Oct 20 2009

Issue 3

It is almost November in Ohio. And yes, that will mean another gambling issue on the ballot. The airwaves are full of claims and counterclaims about the jobs that may or may not be created in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo—the four cities that will be “blessed” by casinos should Issue 3 pass on November 3. The effort is being spearheaded by Penn National Gaming and Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Keep in mind that this is a constitutional amendment. As such, it would create a permanent, state-sanctioned monopoly for these business interests.

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Sep 14 2009

After the Youth Group, What Next?

For a number of years now we have been hearing a grim statistic: half of our teens will lose their faith after graduating from high school. Churches have hired youth ministers, built gyms and hosted musical extravaganzas. They have saturated their curricula with “relevant” discussions on sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. Is any of this actually working?

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Mar 5 2009

Embarrassed to Believe

I was invited to speak to a youth group somewhere in the wilds of northern Alabama. Another speaker had been there a few weeks before. Apparently he created more doubt than faith. So the teens sent me a list of questions. One went like this: “What does the Bible say about dinosaurs, and were there any on Noah’s ark?” I answered as best I could, and then one of the parents got up to speak. He was red in the face. I could tell he wasn’t happy. “How can you teach our kids that man and dinosaurs lived together? They’re going to be embarrassed in school if they believe that.”

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Nov 5 2008

Can the “Clergy” Get Behind Evolution?

Note: Over the next year or so, we can expect to hear a lot about Charles Darwin. His Origin of Species hit the bookshelves on November 24, 1859. Evolutionists, and their allies in the media, plan extensive celebrations of the book’s 150th anniversary. The Columbus Dispatch has already started. On October 22, they printed an unsigned editorial praising Darwin and calling all “clergy” to get behind the celebrations. I knew they wouldn’t give me enough room to respond to all the errors, so I concentrated on the point about ministers and preachers. As expected, my letter appeared neither in the printed edition nor online, and so I present it below. It is necessarily abbreviated, but the take-home lesson is this: you cannot be a Christian and a Darwinian evolutionist at the same time. Enjoy…
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Mar 28 2008

Guilt By Association

You know the game. Bob has lunch with Fred. Fred has lunch with John. John is a crook. So Bob and Fred must be crooks, too. Or how about this one: Sue believes that the world is flat; Alice hangs out with Sue; so Alice must believe that the world is flat, too. And finally there’s this version of the game: Remember John the crook? John believes abortion is wrong. If you believe abortion is wrong just like John, you must be a crook just like John.
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