This blog serves as an online repository for most of the articles I have published for the traditional print world. There may be an occasional piece written exclusively for this site.

If you wish to cite the works on this blog, please refer to trevormajor.com as your source and not the citation at the end of the article. The electronic version as published here can be very different from the printed version. Also note that the blog publication date may differ from the printed publication date.

Bio: Trevor Major was born in Nigeria to British parents. He emigrated with his family to New Zealand where he became a Christian and met his wife Chris. From 1986 to 2000, Trevor worked full-time in apologetics in Montgomery, Alabama before moving to the Columbus, Ohio area. From 2000-2012 he served with the Alkire Road Church of Christ and directed the Central Ohio Bible Institute. He is currently minister for the South Auckland Church of Christ in New Zealand, and is sponsored by the Alkire Road eldership.

Trevor has undergraduate degrees in Earth Sciences and Philosophy, and graduate degrees in Earth Sciences, Religion, and Philosophy. Chris and Trevor have two adult children, Michael and Nicholas.

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