Can the “Clergy” Get Behind Evolution?

Note: Over the next year or so, we can expect to hear a lot about Charles Darwin. His Origin of Species hit the bookshelves on November 24, 1859. Evolutionists, and their allies in the media, plan extensive celebrations of the book’s 150th anniversary. The Columbus Dispatch has already started. On October 22, they printed an unsigned editorial praising Darwin and calling all “clergy” to get behind the celebrations. I knew they wouldn’t give me enough room to respond to all the errors, so I concentrated on the point about ministers and preachers. As expected, my letter appeared neither in the printed edition nor online, and so I present it below. It is necessarily abbreviated, but the take-home lesson is this: you cannot be a Christian and a Darwinian evolutionist at the same time. Enjoy…

October 23, 2008

To the Editor,

Clergy are being asked to climb on board the Darwin train (Time-Tested, Oct. 22). Interestingly, Darwin tried the same approach, and gave up. He knew opposition would come from the church, and needed to take some God-fearing allies on board. But when American botanist, Asa Gray, tried to inject God into Darwin’s theory, the Englishman would hear nothing of it. Gray was a huge fan, but he recognized a fatal flaw: there was no way to get new variations. Nature could only select what was already there; it couldn’t make new species. That’s a problem for a book titled “The Origin of Species.” Gray’s solution was simple: make God do what evolution could not.

Darwin was no atheist, but he had no room for a meddlesome God. Compromise was not an option. Conservative religious leaders in the U.S. agreed. The seeds of American resistance took root, and held fast. The arrival of genetics and the expansion of fossil data did nothing to help. There was still no room for God.

Darwinian evolution is a doctrine of naturalism, and will never find a happy traveling companion among the proponents of a distinctly Christian world view.

Sincerely yours,

Trevor Major
assistant minister
Alkire Road Church of Christ

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